“Look, put it this way—It’s done no harm to my career to be part of a movie franchise that has made more than $1 billion. Every working actor would say the same thing. It’s provided – a lot,” Jamie said, later adding, “But I take issue with the whole thing being just a bit of a joke. Everyone involved worked as hard as they could on those films, including myself.”
Since his time played the mysterious Mr. Grey, Jamie has found himself in other successful projects, like recent Best Picture nominee Belfast. The actor noted that while he has moved forward in his career, there is a lingering association he holds with Fifty Shades of Grey.
“Whether A Private WarAnthropoid or Belfast, or whatever comes next, the line in the press is always, ‘It’s the best thing he’s done since Fifty Shades,'” Jamie said. “As if I am still needing to prove myself.”

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