Let’s start with the invite, because I feel like that’s the Rosetta Stone of all wedding-outfit decisions. So obviously, some folks put [attire] information on the invite. Some folks put it on a wedding website. But if there isn’t something super explicit, how do you figure out what to wear?

Kat Collings: There are some ways I think like Sherlock Holmes. … If they’re not explicit, one is to consider his time of day. So generally, the later in the evening the wedding is happening, the more formal the outfit. If I’ve been to a wedding brunch before, that’s probably your most casual end of the spectrum. And Nicole, you’ve talked about location before. … There’s sometimes a little information buried in there, right?

Nicole Eshaghpour: Yeah, I definitely think that you can figure out a lot just from where a wedding is if you know that you’re going to a wedding that’s by the beach. Besides how you’re going to feel physically if it’s hot or if it’s sticky. You also don’t want to wear something that looks like it’s more appropriate for a ballroom or if you’re going to a wedding in a church. You want to be respectful of where you’re going and not dress like you’re going to a wedding in Mexico. So I think you can figure out a lot from the invitation. And then if things get a little vague, it never hurts to try to do some investigating.

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