Despite being a triple earth sign and a type A person to my core, packing isn’t my strong suit. I usually leave it up until the last minute, frantically shoving things in my suitcase the morning of my flight. So, naturally, for my most anticipated trip of the year, things were no different: I was barely able to shut the suitcase I was taking with me to Tokyo, Japan. 

To nearly all of my friends, family, and random internet strangers who watch my Instagram stories, my identity is heavily tied to the Japanese capital after living there post-grad. So, it’s only fitting that for days leading up to my trip to Tokyo and Kyoto, my group chats were buzzing with one singular question that practically haunted my waking hour: “Ana, what were you going to wear?”

My go-to wardrobe often consists of simple basics (white shirts, oversize blazers, basic denim, etc.), relying on my accessories to steal the show. Eclectic jewelry, printed handbags, and of-the-moment footwear were all key items I knew I could rely on time and time again, regardless of how cold the forecast was suggesting I’d be. I quickly made a Pinterest board to document any and all NYC inspiration I wanted to take with me during my trip: leather jackets, ballet flats, and slouchy trousers all made the final cut. 

Although my luggage clocked in at 4 pounds overweight (it happens to the best of us!), it was well worth it. Browse everything I wore while on holiday in Japan. Don’t be surprised if you see every It girl packing their bags to head (far) out East soon. 

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