We’re always interested to learn about the items various industry insiders think are true wardrobe staplesSandy Koszarek is one of the experts we routinely turn to given her role as a VIP stylist at one of our favorite retailers, Nordstrom. She recently highlighted the general pieces she thinks are worth adding to a closet. Next up, she’s sharing the items she thinks are worth considering for an A+ travel outfit.

There are actually a few specific clothing and accessory options Koszarek will and won’t wear when she’s traveling. Of course, this is all based on personal preference, and you should always wear what you love, but for Koszarek, the said items are deal breakers for comfy and chic looks. 

Keep scrolling for travel outfit inspiration, complete with a smattering of inspired shopping picks if you want to consider any of the items for your next getaway. 

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