Someone crossed the line.

A water tower with Johnny Cash’s silhouette on it has sprung a leak, which makes it look like the iconic “Man in Black” is urinating.

Cash’s birthplace of Kingsland, Ark., honored him with the silhouette last year. The inconveniently placed hole makes it appear as if the famously dour artist didn’t much care for the honor.

Local officials said someone shot the tower, though it was unclear if it was intentional or accidental.

“Somebody shot our water tower, shot the silhouette of Johnny Cash in a very sensitive area,” Kingsland Mayor Luke Neal told Little Rock Fox affiliate KLRT. “It’s been leaking for the last almost week.”

Photographers with KLRT captured close-up shots of the tower, which show the Cash silhouette wasn’t shot precisely in the groin but certainly close enough to go viral.

Neal saw the humor in the leak, but he also noted that such a leak burns, burns, burns a hole in the pocket of a 350-person town.

“You kind of run on a tighter budget in small towns like this, because really all you’ve got to work with… things like this can set you back a little bit,” he told local CBS affiliate KTHV.

Neal estimated 30,000 gallons of water were leaking from the tower each day, costing Kingsland about $200 per day. He also said local authorities were investigating the source of the leak and that whoever shot the tower could face felony charges.

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