Cawthorn started by saying he “wholeheartedly” disagrees. “On the facts, you disagree with me,” Cocchiarella responded, before later letting Cawthorn continue.

The North Carolina Republican said:

So as you can all see in Article II, Section 3 of the constitution, the only people who have a right to change election law in the United States of America, are the state legislatures. You saw in six key states, namely Wisconsin and Arizona, as the the worst perpetrators. The state (…) governors and the Board of Elections there who actually went around the will of the state legislature and changed election laws on their own. That is unconstitutional. When you have voter drop boxes that are set up in parks when you didn’t give it a signature verification of voter identification laws. That is against the law and is an unconstitutional thing. Are you against the constitution?”

Cocchiarella responded: “When you incited the January 6th insurrection, were you against the constitution?”

While former Attorney General William Barr announced last December that the Justice Department uncovered no evidence of widespread voter fraud, there’s video evidence of Cawthorn revving up a crowd of Trump supporters hours before the insurrection.

“My friends, I encourage you to go back to your states after today,” Cawthorn said. “Hold your representatives accountable. Make sure that they stood up for election integrity, and make your voices heard.”

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