Arizona Senate candidate and Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb recently appeared on Spanish language network Univision and told the host that he has “seen no evidence” that the 2020 and 2022 elections in Arizona were stolen from Trump and Kari Lake.

Previously, in a February 2023 Congressional Homeland Security Committee Hearing, Lamb said Trump lost his election, and he has “seen zero evidence” that election fraud had an impact on the 2020 election in Arizona — even after Kari Lake’s rigged election, in which the primary election was wrought with irregularities and 60% of machines failed in the general election.

This time, Lamb clarified that he has not seen any evidence of this fraud, “at least not in my county.”

However, in Mark Lamb’s County’s 2022 primary election, they ran out of Republican ballots at polling locations and turned voters away from the polls. Prior to this, Pinal sent 63,000 erroneous ballots to voters leading up to the August 2nd Primary Election.

Then, after the 2022 General Election, Virginia Ross–who had previously resigned from her role as County Recorder to be appointed as Elections Director after the sham 2022 Primary Election–fled the state after she collected a $25,000 bonus for running a clean election. However, it was later discovered that a significant miscount impacted the results of the race, which was hidden from the judge in Abe Hamadeh’s lawsuit to overturn the election. Hamadeh allegedly lost his election for Attorney General by 280 votes.

Additionally, Pinal County Attorney Ken Volkner–who came under fire for his role in suppressing evidence that Pinal County had not counted hundreds of ballots favoring Republican candidates–also reportedly hired far-left law firm Coppersmith & Brockelman PLC to perform an analysis of the 2022 primary election after the county ran out of ballots. Coppersmith & Brockelman PLC is the same law firm that represented Katie Hobbs as Secretary of State in lawsuits challenging the 2022 elections and later seemingly played a role in funneling dark money to Katie Hobbs’ inaugural 501(c)(4) nonprofit. Hobbs is now under investigation by multiple Arizona law enforcement agencies after reportedly receiving $400,000 from a group home company, which later made millions in return after being awarded Department of Child Safety contracts.

The Gateway Pundit recently outlined in a report that Kari Lake is leading by a landslide in the polls for Arizona’s Senate seat. However, things may turn sour once again for the Trump-Endorsed candidate, who almost lost the 2022 primary to mass voter disenfranchisement and potential fraud, namely in Mark Lamb’s Pinal County.

EXCLUSIVE: Poll Shows Kari Lake DOMINATING in GOP U.S. Senate Primary but Will Arizona’s Rigged Elections Favor Mark Lamb Who Has “Seen Zero Evidence” of Election Fraud? (VIDEO)

While interviewing on Spanish language network Univision, Lamb told the host that he has “seen no evidence” that the 2020 and 2022 elections in Arizona were stolen from Trump and Kari Lake.

With these statements and previous ones by Mark Lamb, who saw shady election irregularities and illegalities in his own county, many could be worried that the fix is in despite Lake leading by a whopping 30 or more points in recent polls. How can we trust a law enforcement official who has done nothing to fight election fraud in his own county and won’t even admit the issues?

Lamb posted the interview to his YouTube page late last month.

Watch below:

Host: Does Mark Lamb Trust in the apparatus for elections?

Lamb: I trust.

Host: In your perspective, the election was stolen from Kari Lake and Donald Trump?

Lamb: Well, I have seen no evidence of that, at least not in my county.

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