The elected officials in the Republican Party should love our republic and promote the party’s founding principles — freedom, limited government, quality public education, conserving the environment, limited taxes, balanced budgets, strong national defense and a realistic foreign policy based on American leadership.

However, many of them are demonstrating that they neither love our republic nor support and promote the party’s founding principles.

Moreover, those Republican pretenders appear to be using warped Christian values to subvert our republic and its democratic form of government, by inflicting harm and pain on some Americans rather than showing love and protection for all. It appears they have forgotten the loving Christian principle “love thy neighbor as thyself,” or maybe the problem is they do not love themselves, so they do not know how to love others.

If Republicans, or others, demonstrate harmful pretensions and a lack of understanding about the proper roles and duties of elected officials, they do not deserve our vote. They appear to be seeking votes for personal power and other wrong reasons, by pretending to love and support our republic with no real understanding or concern about the responsibilities and duties of the office they are seeking. Given these conditions, they cannot and should not be trusted with our vote.

Only cast votes to support candidates who have demonstrated that they understand just governance lies in telling and adhering to the truth.

These candidates will support and protect our republic.

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