There are a number of hot primary races in Wisconsin on both sides of the aisle that will be decided Aug. 9. The general election is less than six months away and promises to attract nationwide attention. So before election season really heats up, let’s judge these politicians on something that’s — admittingly — a terrible reason to vote for a candidate: Campaign logo design! 

Are there more serious issues to consider in our democratic progress? That goes without saying. No reason we still can’t have some logo-appreciating fun. 

You can tell some things about a candidate by their campaign logo. The good ones communicate values, priorities and personality. You may find yourself drawn — at least aesthetically — to a logo design for a candidate you’d never support. That’s the mindset we are hoping you have when selecting your favorite campaign logo in the following four categories:

  • The top contenders in the race for Wisconsin governor
  • The frontrunners (polling above 1 percent) vying for U.S. Senate 
  • All the other 2022 statewide candidates in one big matchup
  • Assembly candidates with districts primarily in Dane County 

Before you cast your vote for your favorite campaign logo, Isthmus has some observations to offer: 

  • Typeface can make or break a logo! Pretty much the whole game here. 
  • Assembly candidates Rep. Francesca Hong and Syed Abbas both seem to evoke the experimental and type-heavy trends of the 1970s with their campaign logos. 
  • The shape of Wisconsin is used A LOT by both Democrats and Republicans. This probably doesn’t happen in Wyoming elections. 
  • Tim Ramthun’s logo screams he’s the “America First” candidate for governor? 
  • Secretary of state candidate Alexia Sabor’s logo depicts a Capitol building — it just doesn’t look like Wisconsin’s Capitol. 
  • Tim Michels, GOP candidate for governor, is using the exact same font as is used in his construction company logo (which is also just “Michels.”) 
  • Why does Rep. Amy Loudenbeck’s logo remind us of the Woodman’s sign?
  • Special recognition to candidates with clever slogans: “I sit with Jimmy” (Rep. Jimmy Anderson) and “I’m Yurs” (Assembly candidate Dale Yurs). Missed opportunity, Mike Bare? 

To cast a ballot for your favorite campaign logo hit the VOTE button below and the online ballot box will pop open. Don’t forget to hit SUBMIT at the very end. To see the results of this informal poll click here or hit the button link at the end of the ballot. 

Please note: A few of these campaign logos were not easy to find (we’re looking at you Secretary of State Doug La Follette and Fitchburg Mayor Aaron Richardson). We only included Assembly candidates registered with the state as of May 18 and with a campaign logo somewhere online. The order the logos appear on the voting platform is randomly generated. Happy voting!

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