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To all the folks still playing Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 on Xbox 360, I’ve got some bad news: Ubisoft has turned off online services for that game and 90 other titles, including Far Cry 2, Splinter Cell, Just Dance, and more across multiple console and PC platforms.

On April 22, Ubisoft announced the end of online support for those 91 games via a blog post. The company explained that all in-game news, updates, player statistics, and online multiplayer features would no longer work in any of these titles. Also, any of the 91 games that use Ubisoft’s Connect platform can no longer earn its ”Units” points to unlock in-game rewards. Weirdly, Ubisoft explained that PC players will lose access to previously unlocked content, but console players will be able to keep it so long as they keep their old game save.

Many of the 91 Ubisoft titles are quite old and some exist on platforms that are already long dead, like the defunct OnLive streaming service and even the PS2. However, not all of the games affected by this massive shutdown are ancient. Many are Xbox 360 games and there are some PS4 and Wii U titles, too. For example, I hope you didn’t want to play Just Dance 2014 or 2015 online via your Xbox One, because Ubisoft has shut those both down.

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And of course, if you haven’t unlocked any multiplayer achievements or trophies in these games already, well, more bad news. All of that stuff is now unable to be legitimately earned as of last week.

While many of these games were very old and likely not played by many people in 2022, it’s still sad when games lose their online multiplayer, especially when big publishers like Ubisoft are typically unwilling to release information or tools to let fans keep playing via, for example, private servers.

For those curious, you can find the full (and long) list of Ubisoft games that as of April 22 no longer support any online features, modes, or multiplayer in the official blog post.


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