Becca Moore flew in from Tennessee to enjoy the music festival, but on the third day she was robbed.

“This guy stole my phone, credit cards, and keys out of my purse,” Moore said.

That’s where Raul Torres from Fresno comes in. Torres works as an Uber driver and he drove down to Coachella to make money to help pay for his daughter’s chemo treatment.

After the robbery Moore’s hotel called her an Uber and Torres was her driver. He stopped driving for the day to help Moore in a stressful time.

“He helped me file a police report, he bought me food, and stayed with me from 10 am to 6p until he knew that he was going to be able to go home, because I had a new rental car,” Moore said. “He was just paying it forward the entire day, helping me the entire day and he 100% did not have to.”

As the two spent time together she learned more about Raul’s story – his daughter and father both had cancer. His dad passed away Friday.

“He didn’t charge me for the entire day and it was like an entire day of work for him and I was like ‘Why were so focused on my situation when you’re the one that needed help the entire time,” she said.

Moore wanted to pay it forward. She used her following on TikTok to promote an online fundraiser raising money for Raul’s family medical bills. Help that is especially needed right now.

So far the fundraiser’s raised more than $135,000.

“My original goal for the GoFundMe was $1,000 and in 24 hours it hit $100,000,” she said.

Thousands may have left Coachella with unforgettable memories – maybe even some new friends – but these two left with a bond that made a difference.

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