Over the weekend, Rep. Gallagher joined Maria Bartiromo and Griff Jenkins on Fox News to discuss Democrats’ hypocrisy on everything from inflation to the climate “emergency,” as well as Speaker Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan.

Click HERE to watch Rep. Gallagher’s interview with Griff Jenkins, click HERE to watch Rep. Gallagher’s interview with Maria Bartiromo, or read highlights of the conversations below.

On Democrats inflation blame game:

“Democrats have unified control of government, and they’ve used that power to get a lot of things done that are actually causing inflation. They came in and passed a $2 trillion spending blowout bill that was supposed to be a COVID bill, but was filled with non Coronavirus related provisions and had a massive effect on inflation. The second thing they did was pass a Green New Deal bill that they sold as an infrastructure bill, but also had a massive effect on inflation. And then the first thing that President Biden did when he took office on January 21 of last year was to launch a war on domestic energy production in the United States. And now hard-working Americans are paying the price at the pump every single day. So if they want to blame us for the economic crisis we’re in, they’re conveniently forgetting the last year of history.”

On unconstitutional national emergency declarations:

“Under the Constitution, only Congress has the power to appropriate money. So if a president comes in and takes appropriated money and redirects it for another purpose, it’s unconstitutional. But also at the time [2019], I said, I guarantee you that once you open this Pandora’s box, the Democrats are going to declare a national climate emergency or a gun emergency, and wield the massive powers of the executive branch to do unconstitutional things. And that’s exactly what President Biden is about to do. And the same Democrats who were criticizing President Trump and losing their minds about the southern border emergency declaration, are now praising President Biden and egging him on to do it… It is hypocrisy of the highest order, and it’s extremely damaging to the Constitution… It’s unhealthy for our republic.”

On Biden potentially caving to the CCP on Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan:

“Apparently, the CCP’s coercion is working on the President of the United States. This is in contradiction to the purpose of the Taiwan Travel Act, which sets US policy as explicitly promoting interaction between high-level [US] officials and Taiwanese officials. Americans are allowed to travel to Taiwan. There’s no reason why the Speaker of the House shouldn’t be allowed to travel to Taiwan. But allegedly the Secretary of Defense and the President of the United States don’t want her to go because they fear provoking China. Fear is what governs all of their foreign policy instincts. It’s why they’re so slow to provide assistance to the Ukrainians and now they’re so slow to get tough on China. They’re afraid of provoking.”

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