There are a ton of pet stories out there right now, because it’s National Pet Month. A new poll of 2,000 pet owners found two-thirds of us let our pets sleep in bed with us now. And seven in ten think they actually sleep BETTER with their pet next to them. 58% of people in relationships said they’d rather sleep next to their pet than their significant other. Two-thirds said one benefit is their pet acting as their alarm clock each morning.

Here are five more reasons we let them sleep with us . . .

1. Because they’re “part of the family.” – 54% agreed with that.

2. It helps lower your stress and anxiety – 51%.

3. It’s easier to settle in and fall asleep with them there – 47%.

4. Your quality of sleep is better – 44%.

5. It makes you feel more secure at night – 42%.

A separate survey for National Pet Month also found six in ten Millennials . . . and seven in ten Gen Zers . . . would rather own pets than have children.

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