Trump moved his rally from the grandstand to the grass in Illinois after reportedly only a few thousand people showed up.


As Trump went on his usual lie-filled rant about the media never showing the crowd size, a reporter in attendance took a video of the crowd size.

Outside of Newsmax, the networks long ago stopped covering Trump’s rallies, so there is no one there to film anything. The main reason why the cameras in attendance at Trump events don’t pull back and show more crowd reaction is that Trump controls where the cameras are placed, and he won’t allow the cameras to show the crowd while he is speaking. That has been the situation for years.

If Trump did only draw a few thousand people for his Illinois rally, it is another signal that Trump fatigue within the Republican Party is real, and his time atop the GOP is drawing to an end. A recent New Hampshire GOP primary poll showed Trump losing to Ron DeSantis. Big Republican donors are bailing on Trump.

Even the former president’s oldies show on the fairground circuit isn’t drawing like it used to.

Republicans may be ready to dump Trump and move on.

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