Donald Trump’s contacts with the Department of Justice, as testified to today, Thursday, June 23rd, will be some of the strongest evidence of sedition against the United States should the DOJ ever charge him.

Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen testified that Donald Trump called him virtually every day from December 23 until January 3rd. Trump wanted a letter signed saying that DOJ had found fraud and Trump was angry that the DOJ had “not done enough” to find fraud. Trump wanted a special counsel appointed for the specific purpose of finding election fraud. Trump wanted a lawsuit filed with the SCOTUS (Which isn’t possible, it doesn’t have original jurisdiction). Trump also said that the Department had an “obligation” to declare the election fraudulent. The testimony was that at every point Trump was agitated and insisted that he won the election.

Rosen testified that “the Justice Department declined” to issue the letter finding fraud because the request was inconsistent with the facts and law as found by the Department of Justice itself. Moreover, though former Acting Attorney General Rosen didn’t testify to this point, Donald Trump was submitting daily requests as if the Department of Justice was his private attorney and not the Department that represents the country. Trump had every right to demand his own campaign attorneys find this “fraud” and file these cases. He did not have the right to use the Department of Justice. Trump even used Jeffery Clark, the head of the DOJ Environmental Division, which would have no business in investigating anything but environmental issues, obviously. But Trump did not care. He wanted DOJ, anyone at DOJ, to act as his attorney.

Though A.G. Barr did the right thing in denying fraud occurred, and Rosen held firm, Trump had gotten used to using the DOJ as his own law firm. Had Barr refused to act as such from day one, Trump likely wouldn’t have made the attempts.

Regardless, getting back to the testimony, Trump continued to put pressure on DOJ. The Committee has already proven that Trump knew there had been no fraud in the election and yet the pressure continued. Rosen’s testimony could not have been clearer:

So at that point, Donald Trump is demanding that a department of the United States government join his conspiracy and commit sedition. This is simply devastating.

Additionally, as if the matter needed greater impact, the Committee made sure to produce evidence as to the damage Trump’s actions on the country as a whole:

Though it has yet to be determined whether or not DOJ will charge Trump with Sedition against the United States, this would be some of the most critical evidence in such a case. Donald Trump was fighting his own government, seeking its own justice, in following the Constitution. One won’t find a clearer definition of sedition.



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