“I’m glad to see it go,” Gail Von Schlichting, whose wife worked there as a slot technician, said according to the Inquirer. “It’s nice to see another Trump failure. I only wish his name were on the building.”

Some called it “poetic justice,” noting the damage Trump caused not only in Atlantic City but the country. “To me it signals the sadness of how Atlantic City went down,” Suzé DiPietro, a public relations executive for the Trump properties from 1991 to 2002, told the Inquirer. “We became the foreclosure capital of the world. He never invested a single dime back into those properties, not one dime. He took all the money out, never put the money in.”

While most individuals watching the scene applauded the destruction, some noted Trump still owed money to contractors and others who put the building together. Residents are hoping a new development takes the form of a family-friendly establishment. “This is about the tear-down, the cleanup, and the ultimate rebuild,” one said.

Watch the satisfying moment the building crumbles below. There are multiple angles so you don’t miss a thing. 



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Trump is probably crying in a corner that he cannot join the Twitter trend in commenting on what is happening. If these videos weren’t enough for you, check out the live footage of the demolition here

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