Trump engaged in a pathetic display on social media as he told Fox News that he is all they will ever need.

Trump posted on Truth Social:

Nobody can ever trust Fox News, and I am one of them, with the weak and ineffective RINO, Paul Ryan, on its Board of Directors. He’s a total lightweight, a failed and pathetic Speaker of the House, and a very disloyal person. Romney was bad, but Paul Ryan made him look worse. As a team, they never had a chance. Rupert and Lachlan, get that dog off your Board – You don’t need him. ALL YOU NEED IS TRUMP. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

What a sad and desperate plea for total love from a network already overly subservient to Donald Trump. The point beneath the surface, which is important for voters to notice, is that Trump tolerates zero criticism or dissent. Paul Ryan has been mildly critical of Trump, so Trump is demanding that he be tossed off the Fox board.

Fox News’s ratings have demonstrated that they definitely need more than Trump. When Fox covered all of Trump’s events live, their ratings plunged.

Trump’s pleading to Fox indicates that the ex-president learned nothing from losing to Biden in 2020. He is doubling down on appealing to his conservative media base and hoping that will be enough to win.

Donald Trump may be the neediest politician in American history, and just like all dollar-store autocrats, criticism is not tolerated.


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