Trump claims that he is not stupid because he passed a dementia screening administered by his doctor with a drinking problem.


Trump said at his Ohio rally:

They laughed at me like I was a stupid person, you know, remember, I had to take. I took the aptitude test because they thought it might be stupid. They really didn’t. They thought I was really smart. So when they think they’re really smart, then when I took the aptitude test, Dr. Ronny and many doctors and I aced it and you know, now they don’t call me stupid. They say he’s a dictator he wants to take over the world.

You know, they used to call me J.D. they made they said maybe stupid. So I said. To Dr. Ronnie. You know, doc, Ronnie’s now great congressman in Texas. Great, very popular. I think it was like 52 points or something. But he’s now a great congressman. I said Ronnie I don’t like when people call me stupid. I have a great heritage and uncle who was a great great genius. Father who was a genius. Everybody else we have a lot of geniuses. I don’t like being called stupid. Is there a test or something I can take to prove to these radical left maniacs?

Trump was bragging that passing a dementia screening proved his intelligence.

The best way to avoid being called stupid is to take a job seriously and learn something.

Trump never took the job of being president seriously. He never tried to educate himself, grow into the position, and learn anything. The guy who openly asked if people could be injected with disinfectant to get rid of COVID does not like being called stupid.

If the failed former president runs against Joe Biden in 2024, it is now clear how President Biden can get under his skin.

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