Trump turned the Pennsylvania Senate primary into a dumpster fire that may cost Republicans a Senate seat, but he is blaming mail-in ballots.

Trump didn’t listen to the wishes of other Republicans or his own advisers who wanted him to endorse Dave McCormick in the Pennsylvania Senate Republican primary. Instead, Trump endorsed his buddy Dr. Oz, who doesn’t live in Pennsylvania.

The resulting primary campaign was a dumpster fire where McCormick and Oz spent millions of dollars attacking each other with the result being an election that is too close to call with Oz holding a two-tenths on one percent lead.

Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman cruised to a massive primary win and has been rolling up endorsements and donations.

Trump Blames Mail-In Ballots For The GOP Pennsylvania Senate Primary Disaster

Trump took to Truth Social to blame mail-in Republican ballots that went solidly for McCormick:

There is no mail-in ballot controversy in Pennsylvania. The state has an excellent mail-in ballot system with no evidence of fraud. The biggest problem in the Pennsylvania system has been caused by Republicans who refuse to allow mail-in ballots to be opened before election day. Republicans have intentionally slowed down the processing of ballots, which slows down getting the results in close elections.

Trump Is Responsible For The PA Senate GOP Primary Dumpster Fire

Just as he did in the 2020 Georgia Senate runoffs, Trump meddled in another Senate election and could cost his party a Senate seat. The mess unfolding in Pennsylvania has nothing to do with mail-in ballots.

It is all Donald Trump’s fault, as the failed former one-term president has put Democrat John Fetterman in a position to flip a seat and keep Chuck Schumer as Senate Majority Leader.

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