Donald Trump and his ability to pick Senate candidates that help Democrats has struck again with his endorsement of J.D. Vance in Ohio.

Here is the endorsement:

Trump claimed to be endorsing Vance, because “he gets it now,” which is Trump code for Vance has sufficiently sucked up to please Trump. The failed former president also suggested that he studied the race in Ohio carefully (which means Sean Hannity filled him in).

Donald Trump also completely mucked up the US Senate primary in neighboring Pennsylvania by endorsing Dr. Oz over the Republican Party’s preferred choice. Unlike in Pennsylvania, where Oz could win, Vance is in third place in Ohio and has seen his campaign struggle to get off of the ground.

Republicans in Ohio begged Trump not to endorse Vance, but as usual, Trump didn’t listen and has helped Democrats immensely by endorsing a celebrity candidate who if gets the nomination will have a difficult time with his opponent Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan.

Trump keeps meddling in Senate races, and just like in 2020, it appears that his goal is to make sure that Mitch McConnell never becomes Majority Leader again.

For Democrats, Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving.

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