Trump is back in New York being deposed by Attorney General Letitia James in the state’s fraud lawsuit, as he arrived the crowd greeted him with chants of New York hates you.


A giant banner was hanging on the barricades that said no one is above the law, as the crowd chanted New York hates you as Trump’s motorcade drove down the street.

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Trump is back in New York to be deposed in the lawsuit filed by state Attorney General Letitia James against the Trump Organization for fraud.  The Attorney General is accusing Donald Trump and his adult children Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump of running a decades-long scheme of inflating the value of their properties to get loans, while also deflating the values of those same properties to avoid paying taxes.

James is seeking a $250 million fine, and banning Trump and his kids from doing business in the state of New York. The state would also shut down the Trump Organization.,

The lawsuit would essentially shut down Trump’s business, and it seems make it impossible for him to loans. Trump has legal woes coming at him from all directions, but a loss in the state civil suit could cripple his business, and end his decades of financial fraud under the pretense of the Trump Organization.

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