A new Georgia poll shows Gov. Brian Kemp is crushing Trump’s chosen candidate David Perdue in GOP gubernatorial primary, which will mean humiliation for Trump.

According to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll:

Kemp led Perdue 53% to 27% in the poll of likely voters in the Republican primary, which is now less than a month away. That would put the governor above the majority-vote threshold needed to avoid a June runoff. Other challengers were in the single digits; an additional 15% were undecided.


Perdue only outpolled Kemp among likely GOP voters who said a Trump endorsement would make them more likely to vote for a candidate, leading him 55% to 30% among that group. But a majority of respondents said Trump’s blessing made no difference or made them less likely to back a contender.

Trump views himself as the GOP king and queen maker, but in Georgia where he has held a rally, spent money, and made the state the epicenter of his big lie, it hasn’t worked.

A trend that is likely to repeat throughout the 2022 election cycle is high-profile Trump-endorsed candidates losing. J.D. Vance hasn’t rocketed up the polls in the Ohio Senate primary since Trump’s endorsement.  Dr. Oz has not seen a Trump effect help him in Pennsylvania.

Most Republican voters are demonstrating that they don’t belong to Trump and aren’t going to blindly follow his endorsements and vote for whoever he suggests.

If Perdue can’t force a runoff, it will be humiliating for Trump in Georgia. Donald Trump has been trying to show his might and make an example out of the state’s Republicans who would not help him to overturn the election, but the scheme is backfiring on him and revealing the weakness of the failed former one-term president.

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