Trey Falwell, the son of former Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr., is no longer a vice president at the evangelical Christian university in Lynchburg, Va.

A Liberty spokesman told Politico that Trey Falwell is no longer a university employee after a move occurring this week. The spokesman did not provide additional details or answer questions about whether other members of Jerry Falwell Jr.’s family continue to work for the university. They include Jerry Falwell Jr.’s other son, Wesley, and Trey and Wesley Falwell’s wives, all of whom have been employed by Liberty in recent years.

Trey Falwell’s departure comes after his father resigned as Liberty’s president and chancellor in August amid allegations about his personal life. A former pool attendant and Falwell business partner, Giancarlo Granda, alleged that he had an affair with Jerry Falwell Jr.’s wife, Becki, and that Jerry watched their encounters. The Falwells have denied Jerry’s involvement but acknowledged the affair. Politico also reported on allegations by a former Liberty student against Becki Falwell, prompting the couple to lament “a frenzy of false and fantastic claims about us.”

Before he resigned, Jerry Falwell Jr. had already found himself in the middle of controversy after photos showed him holding a drink with his pants unzipped next to a woman while on a yacht owned by NASCAR mogul Rick Hendrick. Jerry Falwell Jr. had been placed on leave before he resigned.

Liberty launched a forensic investigation of Jerry Falwell Jr.’s tenure as president and has since made several moves to distance itself from its former president. Last month it renamed the conservative Falkirk Center think tank as the Standing for Freedom Center. Last week, its longtime senior vice president for spiritual development and campus pastor, David Nasser, announced he is resigning. The university replaced Nasser as campus pastor with Jerry Falwell Jr.’s brother, Jonathan Falwell, who is pastor of the Thomas Road Baptist Church that their father, the late evangelical firebrand Jerry Falwell Sr., founded.

Jerry Falwell Jr. told Politico earlier this month that many at Liberty still embrace him, saying its employees and board “have been nothing but supportive, 100 percent.” After that interview was published, the university’s acting president, Jerry Prevo, told employees to stop communicating with Jerry Falwell Jr. and Becki Falwell about university matters. Prevo asked that any contact with the couple about university business be reported, citing the integrity of the ongoing forensic investigation and a need to ensure Jerry Falwell Jr. does not have any influence on university operations.

Under Jerry Falwell Jr., Liberty experienced substantial growth and served as a launching spot for the Trump presidential campaign. Jerry Falwell Jr. was one of President Trump’s staunchest allies through thick and thin.

Trey Falwell’s compensation totaled $234,310 in the fiscal year ending in June 2019, according to Liberty’s most recently available federal tax filing. Trey Falwell’s wife, Sarah, was listed as receiving $72,211 in compensation. Trey’s brother Wesley was listed as receiving $78,489 in compensation, and Wesley’s wife, Laura, was listed as receiving $59,193 in compensation. Falwell family members were also involved in operating companies that contract with Liberty.

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