Trevor Noah pointed out that most angry people turn over a table when having a food tantrum, but Trump turned over a tablecloth.


Here were some of Noah’s jokes about Trump and food:

After Hutchinson said that Trump had numerous food tantrums, Noah said, “Yeah. I know. I, too was shocked to hear that Trump threw any of his food away because let’s be honest. This guy has taken more selfies with food than he has with some of his kids.”

Noah followed that up with his best joke, “You heard what she said. She said Trump was constantly throwing food tantrums, but what’s interesting is that she didn’t say flipping the table. She said flipping the table cloth, so either Trump was an amateur magician, or he wasn’t strong enough to flip a table, so he just did the tablecloth.”

The inability to flip a table is so Donald Trump.

Trump is a man that is so full of fury and rage but also incredibly weak and incompetent.

The testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson was terrifying, but it is also nice to be able to laugh at Trump because he failed and Joe Biden is in the White House.

Hutchinson’s testimony ripped the mask off of Trump and drove the point home that he should never be allowed near power again.


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