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Out of nearly 3000 colleges,
30% are fully online. 30% are fully in person.
30% are undetermined.

The Chronicle has teamed up with Davidson College’s College Crisis Initiative (C2i) to present the reopening models of nearly 3,000 institutions for the spring semester. Most colleges have stuck with similar plans to what they had in the fall (we tracked fall plans here), though you’ll notice some differences. Vastly fewer colleges are opening fully online, and many fewer colleges are opening fully in person as colleges move to more mixed options.

Unpack the trends below, track changes in your state, and find your college in our table below.

Statewide decisions, regional differences, and Covid-19-case counts also appear to play a role:

Reopening plans don’t follow state lines

7-day new cases per 100k residents

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Jacquelyn Elias, Don Troop, and David Wescott contributed to this project.