Carolyn Catlett is pictured with her dog, Rocky, who died April 5 after ingesting methomyl, a poisonous pesticide.

Carolyn Catlett is devastated. 

On April 5, Carolyn and her husband arrived at their Milan home to find their dog, Rocky, seizing underneath the porch in their backyard with something blue surrounding his mouth. In the ten minutes it took them to rush him to the veterinarian, he died.

Rocky, a lab mix who was nearly four years old, had been adopted by the Catlett’s from the Humane Society when he was just 12 weeks. 

“He was just a lot of fun and just a good dog,” said Catlett. “Our family and friends — everyone was devastated. It wasn’t just us.”

The family had suspicions that Rocky was poisoned and took him to Michigan State University the next day to receive a necropsy. The report found Rocky had methomyl in his stomach, a carbamate insecticide that is highly toxic to humans, livestock, pets and wildlife. 

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