Tony Romo usually sticks to calling plays before they happen. Now he’s moved on to calling Super Bowl matchups well before they are finalized.

After the Week 12 game between the Buccaneers and Chiefs — Kansas City won by a final score of 27-24 — the CBS analyst predicted the two teams would meet again at Raymond James Stadium for Super Bowl 55. Romo left himself a little wiggle room with his phrasing, but it’s clear he saw something in the Bucs that day that led him to believe they could go on a deep playoff run.

SUPER BOWL 55: Pick, prediction, odds for Chiefs vs. Buccaneers

“Do you want me to make a slight guess here?” Romo said during the broadcast. “I think there’s a better, there’s a better than good chance — I don’t know what even that percentage is — that these two are gonna be here in Tampa [for the Super Bowl]. I thought Tampa Bay had a very uphill battle to climb. Now I think they’re in the discussion after they evolved this offense today as the game was unfolding and Brady was getting upset.”

Play-by-play man Jim Nantz added, “They’re gonna have to go on the road, though, in the postseason.”

The Chiefs were always the favorites in the AFC, so Romo wasn’t exactly going out on a limb there. The Bucs were just 7-5 at that time, though, after dropping three of their past four games. They went on to win their last four regular season contests to finish 11-5, then defeated the Washington Football Team, Saints and Packers in playoff road games to earn a Super Bowl berth.

Sure, Romo didn’t sound as confident as he does when he’s telling viewers which linebacker is coming on a blitz, but the Bucs weren’t even the best team in their division at that point. He deserves some credit for the prediction.

What will Romo forecast next? We’re going to need a full box score ahead of Buccaneers vs. Chiefs. If he’s off by one yard on individual statistics, then he’s a fraud.