[Fond du Lac, WI…]  Fond du Lac District Attorney Eric Toney, law enforcement’s choice for Attorney General, released the following statement following his decisive win in the Attorney General debate this morning:

“Public safety is the on the ballot and Wisconsin needs a prosecutor, not a politician as our ‘top cop’ to end the historic violence and drug epidemic.  Wisconsin witnessed why I am the best candidate to defeat Josh Kaul in November. I am the only candidate in this primary who has ever prosecuted a case and used the resources of our Department of Justice. My tough on crime record as a District Attorney and conservative record sets me apart from the other candidates. Wisconsin wants someone who will fight to keep our families safe and put Josh Kaul’s failures on trial in November. Talking points and a campaign built on lies and disinformation to hide from one’s record and inexperience have been exposed. This debate proved why I am the candidate to defeat Josh Kaul.”

“With 20 days left in this primary our campaign’s momentum is surging. The endorsements from Congressman Glenn Grothman, over 100 Sheriffs, District Attorneys and Police Chiefs, as well as Wisconsin Right to Life, Wisconsin Family Action, the Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police, the Milwaukee Police Association, and the Racine Police Association, along with many others are a testament to the fact that I am the only candidate in this race who can win in November. Public safety is on the ballot and we do not have time for on the job training”

This debate also made clear the differences on law and order as well as Covid-19. Adam Jarchow attempted to hide from his goal to legalize recreational marijuana and today he doubled down on that legalization of marijuana. Adam Jarchow’s hypocritical comments on requiring people to wear gloves in bars and restaurants as well as capacity and social distancing requirements are in clear contrast to his rhetoric as a candidate. Adam Jarchow has tried to hide this record from Wisconsin and today it was

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