Tennessee Titans quarterback Malik Willis made a business decision during the sixth practice of training camp on Tuesday when faced with going up against defensive lineman Jeffery Simmons an in open-field tackling drill.

The funny moment occurred when the two were set to square off in the drill and Willis decided to bail on the rep, instead opting to fall to the ground and give up before meeting Simmons.

While Willis no doubt has the speed to get around Simmons, there wasn’t much room to operate in this particular case against the massive 6-foot-4, 305-pound man we so lovingly refer to as “Big Jeff,” a nickname the defensive lineman has come to embrace.

“I really didn’t have too many nicknames. I think ‘Big Jeff’ has been the newest one” Simmons said, via Jim Wyatt of Titans Online. “But I think this one is going to stick with me. I even got some thigh pads with [Big Jeff]; when I wear white pants you probably can see them.”

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