One mom’s controversial move has raised a lot of eyebrows. 

TikToker Shay Nanigans caused quite an uproar after claiming that she charged another mother $15 to pay for the expenses racked up during their daughters’ playdate—but it was all a bit. 

“So, recently my daughter had a friend over,” Shay said in a video shared to her TikTok June 12, “and I asked her mom for money, and this is how it went.”

Shay went on to share screenshots of their alleged texts, which show her requesting a Venmo totaling $15 because she “can’t keep doing these playdates if it’s so expensive.”

“This way we can do this more often without a monetary obligation on just one party,” Shay told the other mom. “Right? Makes sense.”

And while the mother’s only response was to ask for a list of the “supplies,” the influencer shared that she eventually did get sent the money. 

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