Tyler Diviki | Lenton Gray | Lindsay Proulx [Photos courtesy Pinal County Sheriff’s Office]

On April 18, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office made three arrests in connection to a string of vehicle and residential burglaries occurring over the last several weeks.

Deputies were able to positively identify one of the suspects as 26-year-old Tyler Diviki through home security videos obtained from residents.

The thefts took place in the the San Tan Valley area, as well as within the city of Mesa.

As deputies served a search warrant on his parents’ home, Diviki stole a vehicle from a nearby gas station and a brief pursuit followed. Diviki was ultimately taken into custody.

Over the course of their investigation, deputies discovered Diviki was aided by two additional people who were helping him sell the stolen items online. Lenton Gray, age 25, and Lindsay Proulx age 21, were also arrested for their roles in the theft ring.

Deputies were able to recover some of the stolen items from Gray’s home, including power tools. A second stolen was vehicle located in Gilbert.

The suspects ultimately admitted to the thefts, stating Diviki and Gray would split the profits to fuel their drug habits.

All three have been booked into the Pinal County Jail. Diviki’s bond is set at $50,000. Gray and Proulx’s bonds were set at $25,000 each.

“This is just one example of the day-to-day work our deputies do that often goes unnoticed. I applaud our Deputies for stopping this theft ring,” said Sheriff Mark Lamb. “I also want to remind residents to continue being diligent about locking your car doors at night. This goes a long way in preventing vehicle burglaries.”

In all, the trio may be connected to more than 50 burglaries.

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