Dawn Farmer had never even heard of ranch before.

Dawn Farmer lives in York, England and she has lived all 21 years of her life never even knowing ranch dressing existed…

…Until recently when someone from the US sent her a bottle to try. Here’s a video of her trying it for the first time — it has over 3.5 million views:

BuzzFeed spoke to Dawn who said ranch isn’t a common dressing in the UK. “Ranch is practically nonexistent here, like I’ve said previously — I had never even heard of it!” So, what were Dawn’s thoughts?! SHE LOVED IT! “My tastebuds just went through the roof with excitement. The taste almost reminded me of Caesar salad dressing, but a lot thicker and more seasoned with different flavors,” she said.

@dawnnfarmer / tiktok.com

Dawn also said she has since tried ranch on salad and pizza. She loved it on both.

When it comes to dressings that are beloved in the UK and not as popular in the US, Dawn said America actually has most of what they have. “Although, people should definitely give brown sauce a try! Or even the spread marmite, you’ll either love or hate that one!”

Dawn does a lot of other taste-test videos of American foods on her TikTok. Like this viral video series where she tries American candy:

Dawn said, “I’ve always been very curious about the differences between the UK and the US — and this includes food! So, I have been extremely excited and interested to try as many different things as I can. Having a big American following on TikTok also just makes me even more curious to try all of the different things over there!”

So, people in the US — what foods should people in the UK try? And people in the UK, what foods should Americans try?! Let us know in the comments!

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