Wondering what actual Amazon shoppers think of this mattress pad? Check out the following reviews.

“This has been the best mattress pad I’ve ever bought. It’s been one summer week since using this pad, and my husband (who sleeps very hot) and I haven’t once woken up overheated or sweaty. It really does dissipate body heat.”

“Tuned my memory foam mattress into everything I’d hoped it would be! Last year I bought a memory foam mattress with high hopes that it would be more comfortable than my traditional spring mattress. While it was definitely more comfortable with its foam material, it was definitely hotter for sleeping, even with its ‘cooling’ layer. I needed something more so started my research and found this mattress cooling pad. The reviews were great but I was still a little skeptical. I ordered it and received it within a couple days. Since then, this pad has made all the difference in my sleep comfort! The soft layer it adds made my already-comfortable memory foam even better, but it also added that much-needed cooling layer with some added richness to the feel of the mattress. I stays in place and gives me that ‘ahhhh’ feeling every time I get into bed. While I’ve been a little warm on some hotter summer nights, it has made a noticeable improvement to my sleep quality and I recommend it highly.”

“This mattress pad meets all my needs. I bought it for my hot memory foam mattress, and it works. Makes me wake up refreshed. Good quality! Great buy!”

“Comfy and affordable and so worth it! It’s like sleeping on a cloud and for the price I think this is my favorite mattress protector I’ve ever owned! It actually does help cool you down too. My bedroom is upstairs, I have a bungalow and it gets so hot In the summer, even with a fan and floor AC running. I bought this a month ago and noticed I don’t sweat as much ,if not at all. Needless to say, I’m in love.”

“You will not be disappointed by this purchase. I’ve had name brand mattress pads that cost a fortune. They’ve never lasted long. Some are so heavy that it’s a pain to get it on the bed, and the wrap around sides tear easily because of cheap material. That is NOT the case with this mattress pad at all! Study material, lightweight, extra fluffy and a quarter of the cost of the last name brand one I owned. I love it so much that I’m going to buy a second one for another bed!”

“Love my Tempur-Pedic, hate the heat! My search for a solution to the inferno that is my mattress ended here after reading many reviews and trying this mattress pad over several nights with temps in the high 80s. Not only did this mattress pad serve to quell the nightmarish sweat-inducing properties of the memory foam, but it also provided somewhat of a support for the usual mushy mess that becomes of hot Tempur-Pedic material. It fits beautifully over the deep mattress and, so far, has held its own form without getting baggy or lumpy after several washes. Thank you and goodnight!”

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