Private label clothing manufacturers create and produce apparel items for businesses under their brand label. They work with retailers, designers, e-commerce businesses and other apparel brands to fulfill their specific requirements.

By partnering with private label manufacturers, fashion brands can design and manufacture their own clothing line without having to invest in costly resources and expertise. Most private label manufacturers have access to advanced production facilities and skilled workers to create high-quality clothing at a lower cost.

The article identifies top 10 private label clothing manufacturers in the world, making it easier for small fashion brands and enterprises to choose from the handpicked selection.

5 Best Recommended Private Label Clothing Manufacturers

1. Appareify: Get your custom clothing line started today with its private label services

2. Tack Apparel: Efficient and cost-effective clothing production services for your business needs

3. Royal Apparel: Exceptional clothing manufacturing services for men, women, and children’s apparel

4. THE ODD Factory: Experience impeccable and sustainable manufacturing with our expert team

5. Cheer Sagar: Get high-quality apparel products tailored to your brand with our private label services

Expand Your Brand’s Reach with the 10 Best Private-Label Clothing Manufacturers

1. Appareify – A Launchpad for Your Private Clothing Label

Appareify is a reputed private label clothing manufacturer that specializes in providing custom-made clothing manufacturing solutions for the fashion brands. It is headquartered in China and prides itself on offering flexibility to its clients, which is one of the reasons why it is one of the leaders in the clothing manufacturing industry.

The company provides an opportunity for small clothing brands to launch their product lines that are made with its greatest manufacturing and design expertise. Appareify has a flexible private-label production set-up which enables small brands/retailers to produce low quantities of garments (such as t-shirts, activewear, swimwear, leggings, underwear, hoodies etc.) with required customization.

Markedly, Appareify assists fashion brands and designers to customize their product lines using custom labels. The company offers a variety of private label options such as woven labels, satin labels, printed labels, heat press labels, hand tags, and plastic seal tags to choose from. These labels are perfect to go with clothing ranging from dresses, formalwear, lightweight apparels, t-shirts, hoodies and many more product categories.

Appareify’s commitment to affordability allows small fashion brands to set reasonable retail prices, making their products accessible to a wider customer base. Additionally, with its commitment to quality and flexibility, Appareify has become one of best private-label clothing manufacturers for those who are looking to launch their clothing lines in the market.

Take your fashion label to a new height with Appareify’s expertise in OEM manufacturing services.

2. Tack Apparel – A Complete Manufacturing Service Provider for Your Brand

Tack Apparel is a US-based private-label clothing manufacturer that prioritizes quality and caters to the needs of both established companies and emerging clothing brands. As private labels continue to gain popularity, Tack Apparel stands out as one of the top choices to help you leave a statement in the competitive apparel industry.

The manufacturer boasts about its meticulous craftsmanship, and believes that a clothing can be both luxurious and durable, making it the perfect choice for private labels. Tack Apparel offers a variety of services to private labels such as sketching, pattern making, sampling, manufacturing and packing/shipping for products such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sportswear, jeans, uniforms, swimwear, baby clothing etc.

Discover the offerings of Tack Apparel today!

3. Royal Apparel – Proudly Making Clothes in The USA

Royal Apparel is a top-notch private label clothing manufacturer that prides itself on delivering unparalleled quality and excellent customer service. With low MOQ requirements and short lead times, Royal Apparel makes it easy to bring your fashion line to life.

Additionally, their commitment to sustainability shines through with their use of eco-friendly, organic and sustainable fabrics, all made in the USA. Whether you’re looking to launch a brand-new line or expand an existing one across product categories – unisex, men, women and kids, Royal Apparel has the required expertise and resources to help you succeed.

Interestingly, if you inquire about private label options that Royal Apparel offers, you can avail wholesale discounts and free freight options for bulk purchases.

Transform your fashion vision into reality with Royal Apparel.

4. The ODD Factory – ‘ODD’ One Out Among Countless Options

The ODD Factory, a private label clothing manufacturer based in India, caters to both large international fashion houses and local startups seeking small-batch or low MOQ clothing.

The manufacturer hails itself as a trusted partner due to its commitment to high-quality assurance, fast turnaround times for sampling and production, competitive pricing, comprehensive quality control system, and community-driven approach.

The skilled workers of The ODD Factory create customized clothing based on customer needs, utilizing optimal working practices and the best materials available, that precisely represents the brand language. With its state-of-the-art production facility and expertise in diverse printing and embroidery styles, the fashion labels can experience personalized service with highest quality.

Collaborate with The ODD Factory for a speedy and stylish move!

5. Cheer Sagar – Ensuring Attention to Details in Your Clothing Line

Cheer Sagar, a reputable private label clothing manufacturer in India, offers a seamless experience in creating custom-designed clothing for men, women and children. The manufacturer delivers premium quality garments at highly affordable prices, focusing on end-to-end garment manufacturing services that enable them to export their private label clothing worldwide.

Cheer Sagar has a team of textile experts who ensure meticulous attention to every detail to avoid post-production manufacturing flaws. The company uses the finest fabric and trims available in the market to maintain the quality of their products and are committed to reducing production costs and improving precision.

Contact Cheer Sagar today to start manufacturing your products that speak your brand’s image!

6. Reshore Apparel – Reshoring Fashion Made in Britain

UK-based leading private label clothing manufacturer Reshore Apparel boasts of Made in Britain clothing and handles every aspect of product design and development to ensure that your brand adheres to the highest standards of quality and ethical production.

The brand will benefit from the extensive experience, leaving you free to focus on developing marketing strategies to boost sales for your clothing brand. The company ensures that you receive precisely what you want without the need for costly resampling.

Partnering with Reshore Apparel, you can test the market with your products without holding a significant amount of stock. This helps prevent cash being tied up and reduces the risk of unsold inventories.

Ready to elevate your clothing line? Get in touch with Reshore Apparel!

7. Stylus Apparel – Aiming to Bring Apparel Manufacturing Back to The USA

Stylus Apparel – one of the best US-based clothing manufacturers – specializes in manufacturing both private label or branded apparel. Aiming at bringing private label manufacturing back to the USA, Stylus Apparel holds strength in assisting clothing lines to launch as it has all required resources in-house under one roof.

The company has experience working with various clients with different needs and uses American labor to create all of its products, following a mantra – serve to differentiate a brand from its competition.

Stylus Apparel has expertise in producing fashionable and high-end garments using specialized screen-printing techniques and embroidery techniques such as 3D puff embroidery.

Create unique apparel for your brand with expert manufacturing services of Stylus Apparels!

8. Alamby Fashion – Value-Addition and Manufacturing Go Hand-In-Hand

Alamby Fashion is a renowned private label clothing manufacturing company that provides a wide range of clothing products, including dresses, jackets, pants, and shirts, among others. They specialize in both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services, catering to the specific needs of clients.

Alamby Fashion uses high-quality materials and employs advanced production techniques to ensure that their products meet the requirements, regardless the size of the order, without compromising on quality. They offer competitive pricing, quick turnaround times, and excellent customer service, making them a preferred choice for many clothing brands.

Join forces with Alamby Fashion and get your designer products made with ease!

9. MMS Clothing – Start your Clothing Line with Minimum Inventory

MMS Clothing is a renowned private label and branded apparel manufacturer whose MOQs start at 1 piece per style per color. The company delivers the small orders in minimum 7 days, while, for bulk orders, its turnaround time is 20-45 days.

They work closely with clients to create unique designs that cater to their specific requirements, providing a personalized touch to their services. MMS Clothing also provides a range of additional services, including fulfillment, packaging, and distribution. This ensures that clients receive a hassle-free experience and can focus on growing their businesses while leaving the clothing manufacturing and distribution to the experts.

Don’t miss out! Get your hands on the exclusive services of MMS Clothing.

10. Konsey Textile – Vertical Integration Ensures Affordable Costs

Konsey Textile is a leading private label clothing manufacturer based in Turkey that specializes in producing high-quality garments for a variety of markets. Of all products, it particularly is known for baby clothing manufacturing using sustainable and certified materials.

They utilize computerized machinery to create precise and consistent patterns and designs, which allows for a high level of customization and flexibility for their clients. They also prioritize sustainable practices by implementing energy-saving technologies, recycling materials, and minimizing waste.

Markedly, Konsey does have a huge set-up of fabric manufacturing as well that allows the company to offer products at much competitive prices to private labels.

Take action today and unlock Konsey Textile’s full potential.

What Advantages Does Private Label Clothing Offer?

1. Committed Patronage

Owning a private label brand provides the advantage of retaining full control over your brand image and how customers perceive your business. This includes the freedom to select the designs, colors, and styles available, as well as the frequency of releasing new collections. With a robust branding strategy, private label clothing manufacturers can aid in cultivating a loyal customer base that frequently patronizes your store or website.

2. Cost Effectiveness

Collaborating with a private label clothing manufacturer can present a cost-effective solution for businesses aiming to minimize expenses. With the option to create your clothing line through a private label, you can access bulk order discounts, ultimately lowering the cost per unit. This strategy enables you to offer your customers high-quality clothing items while keeping your overall costs at a minimum.

3. Higher Profit Margins

Private label clothing can also boost your profit margins. By being the exclusive brand seller, you have the freedom to set your own retail prices and earn more profits for each item sold. This advantage holds true for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, having complete control over your brand allows you to implement effective marketing and advertising strategies to drive demand and increase sales at higher price points.

4. Enhanced Adaptability

A private label business provides the freedom to create customized products with control over fabric, color, style, and size choices. It also allows flexibility in inventory management and product release frequency, enabling quick response to market changes and offering the latest fashion trends to customers.

5. Improved Sales Performance

Private label apparel can lead to increased sales by offering unique items to customers, setting prices for higher profits, and building a stronger brand identity that increases customer loyalty and repeat business.

6. Elevated Customer Support

Collaborating with private label apparel manufacturers can result in a close working relationship that enables swift resolution of order-related problems, simpler order changes, and returns. This enhances customer service and overall customer experience.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Private Label Clothing Manufacturer for Your Brand

1. Quality and Price

Selecting a private label clothing manufacturer requires considering two essential factors, namely the quality of their products and the cost. It’s crucial to ensure that the manufacturer produces high-quality products that meet your expectations. While cost is an important consideration, sacrificing quality for a lower price should be avoided.

2. MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

A crucial aspect to consider is MOQ. Choosing a suitable manufacturer based on specific needs is crucial, as some may require an MOQ of 500 to 10000 pieces per design. Some manufacturers offer a low MOQ of 50 pieces per design, allowing brands to create more lines without budgetary worries.

3. Production Capacity

The production capacity of the manufacturer is also important. Ensure that the manufacturer can produce the number of products you require, whether it’s a small or large order. Conversely, working with a manufacturer with limited production capacity may cause delays in order fulfillment.

4. Experience

Always look out for experience! An experienced private label clothing manufacturer tend to produce high-quality work, and those who have worked with various brands can provide valuable contributions to your brand. Thus, experience is a crucial criterion to consider here.


In summary, before choosing a private label clothing manufacturer for your brand, consider the quality of products, customization options, production capacity, cost, lead time, communication, and reputation. Choosing the right manufacturer can help you create high-quality clothing items that meet your specific needs and help your brand succeed.

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