So as we were driving down this highway, approaching the Kanchanjuri corridor at around 4:30 pm, I was busy taking pictures of the signs on the road when my colleague became more excited than I’ve ever seen him. ‘Look, look, look,” he said and pointed to the left of the wildlife crossing sign. Just then, an elephant stepped out, possibly the matriarch of the herd, looked fiercely at the traffic as if daring the cars to come forth, and marched confidently on to the road, with the rest of her family following her.

Within a few seconds, a herd of about 10 elephants crossed the road and went on their happy way towards the hills. It was completely unexpected, since wildlife generally tend to move the most from dusk to dawn, and it was still light out. If we had driven through a few minutes earlier, or a few minutes later, we would have completely missed this magical moment.

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