As anyone who works in an office knows, figuring out a different outfit for every day of the week is quite the challenge. And what working person has time to rifle through their entire wardrobe day after day, searching for an appropriate work outfit that’s both stylish and comfortable? That’s exactly why we went straight to our favorite fashion people on Instagram for work outfits that don’t actually feel tired.

Trust us—we could use the below inspiration more than anyone. After wearing the same jeans and blazer all the time, sometimes, it feels like we’re one day away from going out and purchasing a whole new wardrobe. So if you find yourself going back into the office and feeling a little rusty at putting together cool work outfits, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered 15 outfits from across Instagram that are not only office-friendly but that also happen to be trendy and wearable, too. You just might find yourself re-creating them outside of Monday to Friday… 

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