Each year, the trending recipes of Super Bowl week give us a glimpse into the grander game-day food psyche of society: How many more layers can you add to seven-layer dip? How many alarms of chili are too many? And should you put nachos in the broiler, oven, or microwave?

But this year brings an extra twist to the football feasts: How do you make four-plus hours’ worth of party food for only the people you live with? Google’s stats on what people searched for uniquely in their state leading up to the Big Game this weekend gives us a pretty good idea — especially when we compare it to last year’s searches, or even more so to the previous year’s. 

As always, dips are popular, with the usual Super Bowl recipe queen of Buffalo chicken dip taking the top spot in seven states. The runner-up dip, seven-layer, only took four states. Some other dips that popped up were white queso in South Dakota, crab Rangoon dip in Iowa, and labneh in Nebraska.

When it comes to apps, only a few states went with the classics, with nachos showing up only in one state, and chicken wings in only two states. Charcuterie boards showed up as the most popular app in three states.

The story on main dishes comes in the wildly diverse selection — no more chili and pizza and calling it a day! This year the hot taco is birria, specifically, which tops the main dish charts with three states. New Mexico and Pennsylvania are cooking Cuban sandwiches, Illinois is making a Cajun Boil, and Georgia’s doing Korean BBQ.

Perhaps the biggest difference between this year and two years ago, though, comes in desserts. In 2019, 11 states clocked desserts as their most uniquely searched recipes, but this year only three did — including chocolate chip cookies in Texas.

Naomi Tomky


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