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For the sake of time, I left out a few really inaccurate throws: one to Hooper on a flag route that was almost picked by Diggs, a ball thrown too far behind Burks on a fourth down that would have been a catch and a YAC opportunity if accurately thrown, and a pass to Burks in the end zone that was WIDE OPEN but Dobbs threw it behind and short.

The point is, there was even more bad than I had time to show.

On the flipside, Dobbs also made some routine throws throughout the day that were critical to keeping the flow of the offense. They weren’t sexy, but after watching Malik, you see how valuable they are.

Dobbs is a practice-squad to low-level backup QB. Sadly, the Titans haven’t had that in a while because Logan Woodside isn’t an NFL player (once his last lifeline, Arthur Smith, let’s him go, it’s curtains), and right now Malik Willis is not an NFL player, either.

So, Dobbs looks like water to a man in the desert. Now, with that said, if the Titans are able to create turnovers, limit their own turnovers and Downing calls the offense to help Dobbs, I think he could pilot them to a division title.

Not likely, but possible.

However, Titans fans would be smart to be realistic about who Dobbs is and what he can be going forward. I would love to see him back next year to compete for a backup role, but asking for anything more than that is asking for too much.

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