With all things fall 2022 on the brain, I’m feeling more than ready to dive into the next batch of fashion moments that are about to define the coming season. Instead of taking a broader view, I’m actually eyeing a number of specific looks that graced the fall/winter 2022 runways and predicting that we’ll see them everywhere.

You see, each season we look to the runways to determine the overarching trends but if you really think about it, we can trace the defining elements of cool style at the moment back to a handful of specific looks, whether it was an article of clothing, a novel styling trick, color combination, or an overall mood that was evoked.

If you want to know what the fashion set will be adopting, recreating, and iterating on in no time, I suggest you start with these looks. Consider this your crash course in fall 2022 fashion. These are the exact runway moments that blew up group chats and social media feeds when we first saw them during fashion month last fall and now that we’re looking ahead at the year in front of us, I can state with conviction that these looks will set the tone.

So, which trends should you prioritize and which items should you shop for? From the Miu Miu look that’s bringing back the micro miniskirt to the rising biker aesthetic Dion Lee and McQueen are pioneering and the delicate sheer dresses worth adopting from Fendi, continue on the discover the eight popular fall 2022 runway moments to know about before they blow up IRL.

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