Athleisure trends always have a way of sneaking up somewhere, and this time it’s the unitard making waves. With the rise of ballet-core (specifically courtesy of Miu Miu) it was only a matter of time before one-pieces were the subject of Instagram outfit shots and runway collections.

I personally never envisioned myself jumping on the bandwagon, but five unitards deep and a few months later I’m all in. In the middle of a heat wave, there’s nothing better than the ease of just slipping on one garment and calling it a day—layering on a ton of clothes is the last thing I want to do.  A minimalist unitard is my one-and-done solution and my lazy girl saving grace. The wonderful thing is that by itself a unitard is perfectly chic on its own, but should you need to look more pulled together, a few add-ons can really upgrade it to look more intentional.

After much trial and error, I’ve narrowed down my go-to list of unitards that I’d without reluctance would buy again. Keep scrolling to shop the full list along with some of my favorite ways to style the wardrobe hero.


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