If you were to peek inside my slack messages with colleagues, you’d realize that we all have mixed feelings about awards shows. From the Met Gala to the Oscars to the Grammy Awards, no function is safe from our thoughts, feelings, and general gossip. Sometimes it feels like we’re low-key hate-watching a ceremony just to see how many celebs woefully misunderstood the assignment and the dress code. But, really, we’re tuning in for those celebs that get it. You know, the ones that manage to serve looks and champion some of the biggest fashion trends of the moment? Well, that type of style is only found among the best of the best, and luckily for us, a few did manage to pull up and show out at this year’s 2022 Billboard Music Awards. So ahead, we’ve rounded up not only the best red-carpet looks from the ceremony but identified the 6 biggest accessory trends from the evening. If these looks are proof of anything, it’s that we’ll not only be talking about these ensembles for months to come but wearing the trends too.

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