September kicks off my favorite time of the year. For the next three months, I’m absolutely giddy about everything from the weather to the activities and, of course, the fashion. But I’ll admit I tend to get too excited scrolling through all the new arrivals at the start of the fall season—I end up impulse shopping right at the beginning, then later wishing I had been more strategic in adding only pieces I truly loved or actually needed.

This year, I decided to commit to a shopping freeze for all of September to give myself time to assess all the new pieces. The goal with this strategy is to provide myself the time and space to be thoughtful about what I’m choosing to invest in and ensure I only add things to my wardrobe that have longevity. However, since browsing fall collections is part of my job, I’ve come across some particularly good pieces at reasonable price points that are really testing my willpower. Since I’m technically still on my freeze, I figured I would highlight the items I’m currently eyeing so someone out there can take advantage. From cashmere turtlenecks to cozy cable-knits to distressed leather jackets, these are the best under-$300 fall fashion items.  

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