Wait, that’s GAP? Is a phrase I’ve heard on repeat all week. After putting a number of their wardrobe basics to the test recently, I’ve gotten nothing but shocked reactions from everyone who’s inquired. Nobody seems to believe that pieces this forward are from the retailer, and even more shocking, that they all ring up for under $100.

Let me rewind a minute. I didn’t just wander over to the GAP site unprompted. First, it was my sister who showed up to our last family holiday in a very Parisian-looking navy striped sweater which she proudly informed me was from GAP. Then, I spotted a few of the retailer’s basic tees being raved about in a TikTok shopping haul. But the real kicker was when I uncovered the most epic silver jeans that I raced to buy after seeing similar styles on the runway during NYFW last month. So while I haven’t shopped at the GAP in years, consider this my official apology letter: sorry I ever overlooked your assortment of cool and classic wardrobing essentials. I won’t do it again!

Now that they’re on my radar again, they need to be on yours, too. In the interest of sharing the wealth, I did a bit of digging around on the site and ended up finding a trove of cool spring staples that I never would have otherwise encountered. I decided to put my shopping knowledge to good use and do my own version of a GAP haul so that everyone can understand just how good the shopping is there right now.

So behold, the nine best GAP wardrobe basics I can’t stop raving about. Read my reviews and see how each of them look IRL, then add them to your cart because trust me, you won’t be able to resist.

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