You could say I am obsessed with swimsuits. I grew up in Orange County, where a typical summer day consisted of getting up, throwing on a swimsuit and an oversize T-shirt, and heading to the beach all day. When you’re at the level of considering swimwear a part of your daily summer uniform, your relationship with bikinis and the like starts to change. Swimsuits are no longer for frills and show—they were a huge part of my life, which means when it comes to knowing a thing or two about the best bikini brands, I’m more than qualified. 

Beyond my beachy upbringing, I am exposed to a lot of swimwear brands through my job as a fashion editor, and while the seven bikini brands highlighted below are certainly not the be-all and end-all, they are the ones that I have been loyal to over the last four years (at least). So if you’ve been struggling with where to start your perfect bikini hunt or just aren’t sure which brands are worth the money, hopefully, my comprehensive guide below will help you navigate the murky swimsuit waters. 

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