It’s no secret that even the most fashion-forward people can fall into a stagnant shopping routine. We’ve all been guilty of making a beeline to the new arrivals section of our favorite retailers rather than shopping around. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with hitting up your local Nordstrom; but if you’re not willing to shop from those other “dated” mall brands, you’re missing out. After all, the resurgence of retailers like J.Crew, Banana Republic, and Abercrombie & Fitch has taught us that good staples can come from anywhere. And while these retailers have no doubt become the place to shop (again), there’s one other place that doesn’t always get its due: Free People

Most may recall a time when boho fashion reigned supreme, partly due to the widespread popularity of Free People during the mid-aughts. But make no mistake; this brand has gone under its little revival on the down-low. Sure, you can still find those quintessential flower child pieces, but with the launch of its minimal Free-Est collection and its curated assortment of brands, there are far more stylish staples than you’d expect. In fact, As someone that regularly receives compliments from strangers in New York about my Free People dresses, I’m telling you their pieces are severely underrated. 

Still dubious, though? I get it. It will take time to turn from Free People cynic to fan girl (like I did). But to speed up that conversion, I’ve searched hundreds of pages to find the 55 best Free People finds for summer. If these pieces don’t make you a fan of the brand, then you can huff it right back to your favorite store—though I’m guessing you won’t need to after you see them. 

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