When it comes to celebrity style, Kendall Jenner is one of my favorites to get inspired by—especially when it comes to her more casual street style looks. Perhaps it’s because her outfits are so incredibly approachable and easy to emulate for myself. As someone who tends to ground my looks with a mix of wardrobe basics, I always keep a keen eye on how she’s putting together her own trendy staples and giving them that Kendall cool touch.

As a fashion market editor (who basically shops for a living), it got me thinking if I had the chance to grab an iced latte and go on a little shopping excursion with Kendall Jenner herself, what stylish staples would I suggest?

Keep scrolling to see the pieces I think Kendall would covet based on the essentials that have been working hard in her wardrobe for years. (Oh and Kendall if you’re reading this feel free to DM me).

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