TikTok is great for a plethora of discoveries when it comes to recipes, music, dances, home décor, beauty, and other products, but lately, the fashion-centric videos are really hitting the mark. Enter a recent TikTok featuring a $14 pair of sleek black cat-eye sunglasses that look exactly like ones that Hailey Bieber has been spotted in many times. A stylish accessory that looks designer without hurting my monthly fashion budget? Yes, please. You’ll never know how quickly I switched over to the Amazon app to scoop up a pair.

And it didn’t stop there—this Amazon score lead me down an endless rabbit hole of cool sunglasses. I ended up finding thirty styles that I’ve spotted on many models and fashion girls alike. Most of the shades are under $50 and appeal to a variety of personal styles. Keep scrolling to see the TikTok video and to browse my selection which includes a mix of trendy and classic cat eyes, aviators, rectangular frames, and much more.

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