Having a good flat iron (or hot brush, for that matter) can be life-changing. And I’m not just saying that. Whether you just want an effortless-looking style for the day or something a little more elegant, having the right tools handy, along with the right protective products, can really make or break your styling experience. There’s one especially important product stylists say to never use heat without. “The number one tip I recommend to everyone across the board is to always use a heat protectant,” says celebrity hairstylist Kee Taylor. “Remember that heat styling will cause moisture loss, so make sure your heat protectant is super moisturizing to combat the drying effects of the heat. Some of my favorites are the Satin Shield Serum ($40), which is great for smoothing the cuticles, and the CHI Infra Therma Protective Treatment ($17) because it’s great for all hair types.” 

Not only is it important to use a heat protectant, but it’s also key that you choose the right flat iron for your hair type. Those with finer hair shouldn’t use a ton of heat, as that could cause major damage, while those with thicker hair might need to crank up the temperature a bit to get their desired smoothness. “The most important things to keep in mind [when selecting a flat iron] are the temperature, plate material, plate shape and size, and the technology,” Taylor shares. She even has a hot tip for those with curls. “[Those with curls] should look for a flat iron that reaches no more than 450°F. Otherwise, you’re going to really damage your strands and curl pattern.” With a little help from Taylor and a few other trusted celebrity hairstylists, I’ve rounded up the best flat irons for each hair type. Keep scrolling for all their picks. 

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