Did you know that only 2% of people worldwide have green eyes? That’s right—if you’re lucky enough to have green eyes, you’re among the very few people who do. I have green eyes, and they’re one of my favorite features to play up. 

If you want to emphasize your eye color, it’s all about the eye shadow you choose. While neutrals and dark colors will still look amazing on people with green eyes, there are a few certain colors that work overtime to bring out the green. I tapped Molly R. Stern, celebrity makeup artist and Armani Beauty Collective member for her expertise on what eye shadows look best with green eyes. 

“Colors that tend to make green eyes pop have a warm undertone like copper or bronze,” says Stern. “They also really shine with a lavender or purple based shade. Both the copper and purple routes have a reddish undertone, which work to boost the green as it follows basic color theory and are shades that are opposite on the classic color wheel. “

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