Experimenting with temporary hair color (also known as hair tinting) can honestly go one of two ways. If you don’t use a quality dye or cover your skin properly, let’s just say it can end up being a real yikes moment. On the other hand, the results can be vibrant, fun, or the perfect way to cover a few greys without using permanent hair color (if you want to cover them, that is). Either way, if you’re thinking of giving temporary hair color a try, even stylists are on board with it. “Temporary hair color is a great way to try something new without a big commitment,” says celebrity hairstylist Guy Tang. “It’s also fun for an event or even Halloween!” 

To be honest, I was a little surprised temporary dye got the stylist stamp of approval. I know most stylists don’t condone coloring your hair at home DIY style, but I think the keyword that makes the difference here is temporary. As long as you’re using a semi- or demi-permanent hue at home, you’re good to go. If you’re curious what temporary dye Tang recommends and a few of our own favorites, keep scrolling below.

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